Drinking Water Boilers - Quick Selector

A typical mug holds approx 270ml. A typical cup holds 160ml. So if you prefer using cups just multiply the Mug number by 1.7.

The only drinking water boiler choices you have to make are:

1. Decide how many hot mugs you need at an immediate draw off?
2. Do you want Counter Top or Wall Mounted?

Up to 5 mugs 6 to 20 Mugs 20 and above Counter Top Wall Mounted


100C Plus


The number of mugs above is based on the immediate "Draw-off"

All or our drinking water boilers are auto fill.

Machines are supplied in Stainless Steel.

However the C300 & C700 are available in white durable plastic.

No more kettles!

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The C700

Unlimited Hot Water

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