Drinking Water Boilers - Rental Price List

Drinking Water Boiler rental prices are dependent upon:

Machine Type, length of agreement (the longer the agreement, the lower the price) and quantity ordered (if you have more they cost less)

Rental prices are shown in £/week for the following models: 100C, 100C Plus, C300, C500 & C700 .

Only Wall Mounted C300 & C700 Drinking Water Boilers are available in Stainless Steel or White Moulded Plastic.

Rental Prices £ per week
Agreement Period 60 months 36 months
6+ Boilers £1.99 £2.99
2 to 5 Boilers £2.29 £3.29
1 Boiler £2.99 £3.99
Sanitisation & De-Scale Service.

60 month
36 Month
Sanitisation & De-scale per week
£2.99 £3.99
Scale Pro 365-100 Twin Filtration (annual)


£99.00 (Max per boiler)
Please add £1.00 to the rental prices if you are in Lon don congestion zone.
  • Wall Mounted Boilers require a fused spur to be available for electrical connection. If this is not available already you will need to arrange for a qualified electrician to fit one for you.
  • We descale & service the machines and change the filters annualy.


Paper Cups (7oz), Box 2000 (for both hot & cold drinks) £47.50 per box.

Ripple Cups, Box 500 (for hot drinks) £41.75 per box.

If you are also intending to have a water cooler installed by Cooler Sense - please ask for "Complete Office" pricing.

Your "Money Back Guarantee"

If we fail to service your machine within the agreed schedule, we'll give you the money for that service back.

Environmental Levy

This is a small levy under WEEE legislation to accrue for the cost of the environmentally friendly disposal of electrical equipment including water coolers, drinking water boilers, and other components at the end of their useful life. It is 21 pence per week.

Payment terms - 30 Days

Rental and servicing is charged quarterly in advance.

Ancillaries and other products are invoiced on delivery.

All prices shown exclude VAT, which is charged at the prevailing rate.

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