100C Plus

100C Plus

100C Plus

The 100C Plus is a low cost drinking water boiler in our range. It is an excellent replacement for your kettle and perfect for office kitchens, staff rooms & canteens.
  • Large non-drip tap
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Uses less electricity then you kettle
  • Insulated for safety
  • Compact & neat

Rent from: 1.99 per week

Buy from: 425.00

To rent or purchase this item please call us on
01449 723200.

Other things you will need with this product
Installation, De-scale & Filters.

Product Details

Typical locations: The 100C Plus comes in silver as standard, but can also be supplied in black and white.
Models:Counter Top
Immediate draw off:66 Cups
Output:27 Litres/Hour
Hot °C:98C
Casing:Stainless Steel
Colours:Silver as standard
238(W) 465(D) 610(H)
Filtration: Doulton Super carb
No more kettles!

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