Triple Wall Ripple Cups 8oz

Ripple Cup (8oz)

Triple Wall Ripple Cups 8oz

Buy ripple cups for hot drinks. Triple wall paper hot drinks cup are ideal for use with hot water dispensers and making hot drinks such as tea and coffee, giving greater strength and insulation. Each hot drink cup hold up to 225ml of liquid. Use with sip-thru lids for hot drinks and they make the perfect hot drink cup to carry back to your desk.
  • Excellent for your hot drinks
  • Greater strength & insulation
  • Produced to the highest food specification
  • Innovative sleeve means no separate cup holder

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Product Details

Typical locations: To be used in any office, warehouse, canteen or office kitchen environment.
Casing:Triple Wall Paper
Colours:Black (others on request)
Special Features: Cup Volume is 8oz (225ml)
The ripple cup is made to a high spec and is excellent for enjoying your hot drinks.
Optional Extras: Can be used with our Sip-Thru lids
Quantity per pack: 500
No more kettles!

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