Free Drinking Water Boiler Trial Request

If you'd like to try out a mains-fed drinking water boiler to make sure it meets your needs, then we'll fit one absolutely free of charge for 14 days.

To request a trial of a Drinking Water Boiler, either call us on 01449 723200 or complete the form below and we'll do the rest.

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No obligations,  No catches,  No cost to you!

Some of the benefits of having one of our mains-fed drinking water boilers:
  • Regular Servicing of your drinking water boiler or Your Money Back!
  • High Quality filtered hot drinking water - A healthier & happier workforce
  • Save your staff time and they will be more productive!
  • Virtually zero water costs
  • No more kettles - you can now throw it away!
  • ... and you can't run out!
No more kettles!

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