West Suffolk Green Deal
Due to a ground breaking Green Initiative, you can now have up to 50% of the cost of a drinking water boiler paid for!

We will not only supply you with the machine, but also help you administer up to a half price arrangement, so that you get a great machine that saves you money and time and at up to half price - Plus we all get a little bit greener!

Boiler Sense will come and carry out out an environmental audit where we will calculate your current energy usage whilst boiling your kettle in your business.

If it can be shown that we are able to reduce your CO2 emissions by installing the 100C, we will grant you up to 50% off your first year's costs with our Green Initiative.

Please Note:We will also require a copy of your current Environmental Policy or Statement.

Just call us on 01449 723200 or email 50off@throwawaymykettle.co.uk and we can quickly, simply and easily help you SAVE TWICE.

No more kettles!

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Go green - up to 50% off
West Suffolk Green Deal
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